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Tenderloin Tartar | Freshly chopped Finnish tenderloin served with anchovies, capers,
egg yolk, onion, finger salt and pepper.  16

Crispy Burrata | Served with fresh greensalad.  14

Snails Portofino | Served with pesto and parmesan.  15

Parmesan Fries and Truffle Mayonasie.  8


pasta & soup

Linguine alle Vongole | Simpukoita, chiliä, valkosipulia, persiljaa ja valkoviiniä.  25

Beetroot Risotto | Served with black mascarpone.  18

Roasted Onion Soup | Gratinaded with Parmaggiano reggiano and house made bread.  16



Roasted Whitefish | Fresh whitefish from Turku archipelago with lemon-hollandaise sauce.  27

Snow Crab & Mussels | Snow crab with carlic butter and blue mussels with prosecco sauce.  34




Tenderloin with Pepper Sauce 200g.*  29

Cotoletta 200g.*  | Pork tomahawk, breaded and béarnaise sauce.  27



sides  6

Zucchini tartar
Parmesan Romanesco gratin
Roasted potatoes
Rosemary sweet potato


dessert  11

Blue Berry Pie                        

Chocolate Cake



Under 10, eat smaller portions -50%

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